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Peter Deng CPA is  a leading tax, accounting, and business consulting firm in the twin cities to serve the minority communities, we are devoted to building better businesses and financial security for our individual and business clients.



If you are seeking a CPA firm to provide innovative tax planning strategies, consulting services to grow your business, accounting service to measure your results, or someone to setup your internal accounting systems from QuickBooks to more sophisticated accounting systems, then you are at the right place. Contact us for more on how we can assist you.


With over 15 years CPA experience, you can trust the quality and the value of our services. Our fees are very competitive and lower than most other CPA firms. So you won’t have to choose between other CPA’s high fees and a non-CPA’s unreliable work.  


By hiring Peter Deng CPA as your accountant, you will get:


  1. Licensed & Experienced CPA quality

  2. Professional, reliable, trusted, and valuable-added services

  3. Minimized tax liabilities, less IRS trouble and avoid expensive tax penalties

  4. Personal attention, more and useful communication

  5. Total confidentiality, high ethical standards, and lower CPA fees

  6. Valuable advice to help you better manage your business and grow it faster

At our firm, we always put our clients’ needs and concerns first.  We strive to provide professional, reliable, value-added, and timely tax and accounting services to minority businesses.  Our clients’ total satisfaction is guaranteed.


Experienced CPA, Reliable Quality, and Lower CPA Fees – these are our promises to you.

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